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march 22

Utrinskiot cas ni go zede najubaviot glas-kniga za tose proeski. like. Чисти.

Butik za deca skopje? - find com/tags/butik-za-sveceni-fustani-skopje is your content/themes/nevestinski-fustani-za-deca. coming soon - future home of something quite cool za personen im ….

Letter by Palestinians held in Israeli jails delivered to UN commissioner
Letter by Palestinians held in Israeli jails delivered to UN commissioner

Islam Times - A letter written by Palestinian inmates in Israeli prisons has been delivered to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Ramallah.

Taliban get a taste of their own medicin..

Forty-six Taliban fighters, including an Uzbek commander, were killed in fierce fighting between rival militant organisations in Pakistan's restive Kh....

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Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have once again demonstrated the incredible capabilities of metamaterials artificial nanoconstructs whose optical properties arise from their physical structure rather than their chemical... [Comments]Berkeley Lab researchers use metamaterials to observe giant photonic spin hall effect